Welcome to our introduction to sailboat racing video series! This quick video explains tacking in the zone at the upwind mark and references rule 18.3. Who? These videos are produced by Flying Scot Fleet 135 at Clinton Lake (Illinois) with the help of our friends on the Flying Scot traveling circuit. Why? We are in a tremendous sport and we gain great satisfaction in bringing people up. It’s all about getting better and having more fun. Fleet 135 has partnered with Parkland Community College to offer Introduction to Sailboat Racing and these videos were designed with our students in mind, but should be helpful to all sailors. What? Our goal is to offer simple and informative videos to help prospective and developing sailboat racers develop more quickly. These can be used for instruction or to brush up on general sailing skills. Special Requests? Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and/or check back regularly as we can plan to continually add more teaching videos to this series. If you have any special requests or think we could have explained something better, we’d love to hear from you. Special thanks for Angelo Buscemi who created the Protest Diagram Kit that we used to create the graphics within this video.