Fleet 135 racers Eric Bussell and Rob Parker execute a mark rounding while giving an inside-overlapped boat room at the mark. Once the starboard boat tacks to port before we cross, the windward boat must keep clear of the leeward boat. During a mark rounding, the outside/leeward boat must give the inside/windward boat enough room to round the mark. In this situation, the inside boat cannot push the outside leeward boat out so long as the inside boat has room, since she must avoid the leeward boat. Therefore, the inside boat must make a seaman-like rounding and cannot perform a wide tactical rounding. In this video, Eric Bussell makes that very clear to the approaching boat and does not give up any ground. His outside boat rounds the mark with speed and was able to point better, ultimately requiring the inside boat to tack away. The GoPro camera makes the boat appear further away as the boats were very close as they rounded the mark. Some boats will try to make a tactical rounding in this situation so it is helpful to communicate clearly and early to avoid crashes and arguments at the mark. This was Rob's first regatta and he does a very good job getting the spinnaker down, getting to the low side of boat to use his weight and boat heel to help drive the boat around the mark, trimming the spinnaker through the turn, and finally getting to the high side to flatten the boat.